Interim management

At BGD, the range of staff we have enables us to match requirements with the suitably skilled individual who possesses the appropriate knowledge, experience, business, management and leadership skills to fill critical gaps in client’s own organisations. Adapting to different business environments and getting to grips with unfamiliar business organisations and structures is key to successful interim management and we can deliver this through the commitment and experience of our consultants who bring years of experience in varied organisations to each new challenge, whether in the private or public sector.

Contract Drafting

Contract drafting starts with a clear understanding of the objective and the desired outcomes for a project. Liabilities, obligations, responsibilities and allocation of risk are the key subject matters of all construction and engineering contracts. Recognition of risk and its appropriate allocation to the party most able to manage it is frequently overlooked in the desire to delegate risk down the contractual chain. At BGD, we can advise on where and by whom risk is best managed and guide clients on the most suitable contract forms and amendments.

Our team has wide and in-depth experience of contract negotiation, guarantees and warranties, bonds and project finance agreements, collateral warranties and CDP elements, matching these with the project requirements.

Final Account preparation

The resolution of final accounts can become very protracted, particularly where contract variations and extensions of time have not been agreed as the project is progressed. It can become a highly analytical forensic process, at times more like an historic investigation than concluding a commercial agreement. The problems are frequently further exacerbated when project staff are no longer available to explain events. And the final account negotiation maybe subject to more formal proceedings so the account must be prepared with this as a back-stop position. There are so many variables to consider as no two final accounts are similar. Our staff at BGD has undertaken the conclusion to many such varied final accounts, professionally negotiating them to a conclusion so that commercial relationships can be preserved and possibly even enhanced for the benefit of all parties.