ADR, Negotiation, Mediation

Because construction involves so many parties delivering their different services, it becomes a myriad of contracts, each one potentially impacting others. So, it is hardly surprising that disputes arise between parties to these contracts, even on the best managed projects. Whether it involves the employer, main contractor, consultant, sub contractor or supplier we can assist the resolution process. This can be achieved through analysis of the project history and evaluation of the costs and entitlements and the contractual positions of the parties.

Whilst not limited to time and money, these are usually the causes of contractual disputes.

At BGD, we have professionals trained and skilled in negotiating settlements. We have the knowledge and experience to assess the strengths and the weaknesses in the parties’ positions and look to find paths through disputes to find equitable and acceptable settlements.


BGD has a team of experienced professionals to represents parties, both in pursuit and defence of Adjudication actions. We will first discuss the case with you and advise on prospects and strategies and also give you estimates of costs and potential outcomes. We have extensive experience and knowledge of managing the Adjudication process and have been specialists in this complex area of construction dispute resolution.


We can provide the following specific services in adjudications


  • Advising on process and strategies
  • Advising on prospects and potential outcomes
  • Drafting notice to refer
  • Drafting defence to an adjudication
  • Responding to Adjudicator’s requests
  • Post adjudication enforcement
  • Providing independent Expert evidence

Arbitration & Litigation

Arbitration is a widely used form of dispute resolution and its key distinction from litigation is that it is a private forum and not a public record. It is used domestically within the UK but is also popular internationally as the dispute resolution solution of choice. Litigation relies upon the courts with judges rather than arbitrators directing proceedings and issuing decisions


At BGD, we can offer the following services:

  • Preparation of the quantum evidence of contractual entitlements including Scott Schedules
  • Assembling the evidence in defence of contractual claims
  • Programme and planning forensic analysis
  • Acting as expert witness on quantum
  • Acting as expert witness on programming


We work for employers, insurers, main and management contractors, developers, sub contractors, suppliers and insolvency practitioners.


We work closely with law firms within tight and demanding timescales to deliver the best outcome for the client.

Expert Evidence & Opinion

The delivery of expert reports is a highly skilled area requiring sound knowledge, analytical skills, concise and clear report writing and all done within tight time constraints.


We have a wide range of very experienced and knowledgeable experts who can deliver reports on quantum, time and programming. We can call on a network in the fields of building surveying, professional negligence and technical construction architectural and structural matters.


Our experts deliver clear, succinct reports to provide clear and unambiguous evidence for consideration in a court, in arbitration or most commonly in adjudication. They also provide oral evidence clearly and robustly where that is required.