Project Planning (Project Programming)

Planning is an essential discipline in the construction process. Sequencing building operations and understanding the links between them is a skilled undertaking. We have planners and programmers able to provide planning services on any construction project, no matter how complex. Our planners work from the initial feasibilities right through to the preparation of tender and contract programmes.  Once a project commences, BGD can monitor progress linking with trade contractor’s programmes. We can plot the effects of variations and delays to demonstrate the responsibility of each party for the effects on the contract or base line programme. The construction programme will also determine procurement periods, critical path(s) and will be intricately linked to the cost plan, management and cash flow of a project.

Programme Forensic Analysis

Retrospective analysis of programmes is frequently used in dispute resolution to determine how delays occurred and who was responsible. This involves comparing the actual progress against the baseline programme and redrawing the critical path of construction activities. It is a skilled task, especially on complex projects and we have extensive experience and expertise in this field.  All forms of recognised delay analysis can be undertaken, depending on the requirements of the project and the form of contract being used.